By Bo Thornton


Dear NFL Commissioner and Owners and Fans:

To the Commissioner and Owners, you had all last season and this off season to come up with a solution and this is the best you could come up with?  Stay in the locker room or stand for the anthem.  Stay or Stand is that what it is called?

First of all this is NOT about disrespecting the military.  This is NOT about disrespecting the flag.  This is NOT about disrespecting the anthem.   This IS and has ALWAYS been about police brutality, especially against unarmed people of color, period!

Surely everyone or at least most everyone can agree that police misconduct is wrong and needs to be properly addressed.  We’ve all allowed the bad apples to sit back and laugh because the spotlight that should be glaring on them has been so watered down and distracted that now we are talking about free speech and being able to protest on the job.


How about the NFL come up with an anti-police brutality campaign, or whatever politically correct name you need to call it.  It can be just like the breast cancer campaign and have ALL teams sell merchandise promoting responsible community policing.  You could have the color be blue and call it True Blue or something like that. (How’s that for politically correctness?)   The NFL and its player’s union could take the lead and meet with police departments and police unions and get them on board to admit that bad apples are, in fact, bad for the police and bad for the communities they terrorize.

Most importantly let the proceeds or a large portion from the merchandise revenues go to reputable charities that work underfunded but diligently fighting police misconduct and the laws that protect them.   This could be a win/win for all involved, except for dirty cop, of course.

Even fans that are so appalled by brutality get do their part by purchasing the special “True Blue” merchandise from their favorite team & fight police brutality at the same time.  Police get help in weeding out bad apples and get a PR boost for “trying” to do the right thing.   NFL appeases ALL sides & gets to sell more merchandise and look responsible & return to normal viewership levels.

Regardless NFL, I personally STILL will NOT be watching any of your product.  Not because of the fallout over recent events, but mainly because Walter Payton retired.